director. producer. activist.



In addition to film, I am passionate about the conservation and protection of our planet, actively supporting and volunteering with a number of organizations committed to animal and environmental protection. The more research I do pertaining to climate change and the impact of human activity on other animal species, the more I find it urgent to speak out about our need to take action for our future.

The film and television industry has a large carbon footprint, but as storytellers we have the ability to send a clear message, influence people, and inspire change on a massive scale. The urgency of the environmental crisis is so immense that we can no longer carry on with 'business as usual' - we must propose practical solutions on and off screen to catalyze social change. My goal is to adopt practices such as conscientious purchasing of essential goods, using second-hand clothing and materials, serving plant-based meals, utilizing recyclable construction materials, donating leftover food and materials to local communities, and eliminating the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable material. This should be the rule, not the exception.

Faced with the reality that the poor and most vulnerable people [who have contributed the least to climate change] will be the ones most affected - and that an estimated one million plant and animal species will go extinct in our lifetime - it is necessary for us to take action on all levels to reduce our impact on our precious planet and lay the foundation for a more sustainable future for our industry. I am determined to take every step in the direction of reducing human interference because nature is part of us, not separate from us. For me, being human means working towards building a world where all species thrive.